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Investment expertise is the foundation upon which our business is built. Our investment process is as disciplined as it is creative – ensuring tailored solutions with robust results.

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Importance of Investment Management

For more than 12 years the GPI have collaborated with Mithril who is an independent global asset management group with a worldwide presence and long history.

They are the engine behind the management of GPI International’s client portfolios.

They have great strength and depth with a team that includes investment professionals with expertise in capital market research, investment strategy design, liability management, derivatives and portfolio management. They are the team behind our backs and responsible for the management and performance of our client’s portfolios.

It is Mithril who is responsible for the strategic allocation of all underlying assets in portfolios, in addition to full fund manager oversight and selection. They are also responsible for ensuring the risk characteristics of each portfolio meet given objectives over time.

The importance of asset management is often underestimated when markets perform well, as investors, being happy with returns, often ignore the underlying management considerations being taken.

When the markets go through a period of volatility, emotions and confidence can fall and rise with the markets themselves, losing patience, investors often make the common mistake of hastily selling when the markets look bleak.

The facts and figures behind Mithril’s approach

€ 225 000 000 under management

16 people involved in investment activities

Over 5,000 trades placed by portfolio managers each year

3 strong manager oversight team who select and monitor underlying portfolio managers

Access to the world-wide investment assets

Up to 72 different asset types can be hold within portfolio

Investment philosophy

Mithril’s approach in designing a portfolio is based on one simple facet — to meet the client’s financial objectives & aims. They understand the uniqueness of every client and design a portfolio which is centred around the principal that no two client scenarios are the same and therefore no two portfolios are the same!
Working independently allows them to choose most asset classes from practically the entire investment universe including stocks, bonds, structured notes, ETFs, hedge funds and commodities.
Bringing active management allows Mithril to ensure that whatever is your appetite or aversion to risk they construct a diverse portfolio focused purely on your goals.

We strongly believe that client outcomes will always be best served by:

  • A long-term approach to investing, avoiding fads and trends.
  • Diversification of asset classes and geography, reducing risk and volatility.
  • Active fund management, responding to market changes and ensuring portfolios are kept up to date.
  • Regular and consistent asset valuation, identifying opportunities and optimising allocation.

Mithril’s financial strength and competence provides investors with the ability to access a wide range of asset classes and more accurately assess an investment’s future value over the long term.

They take an impartial approach, offering high levels of personal service to build and preserve the wealth of clients and their families through a robust yet innovative investment process. The core of what Mithril does is seeking out the very best investment opportunities all around the world and put them to use for everyday investors to create the best risk-adjusted returns.

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    An investment process shaped by five key activities


    Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)

    The selection of the optimal SAA for portfolio has a critical impact on investment outcomes. This part is a core to the investment approach. It includes in-house modelling and capital market assumptions through our bespoke developed proprietary model, giving us the flexibility to tailor it to wider investment needs. Always keeping in mind that – diversification is a key.


    Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA)

    TAA reflects shorter term views in portfolios. Running in parallel with SAA, it ensures that the chosen strategies are able to respond accurately to short-term market movements and take advantage of mispricing opportunities. At this stage, the Investment and Portfolio management team responsible for reviewing a framework in place across all multi-asset portfolios and if needed, making the relevant adjustments to the portfolios.


    Portfolio Management

    We believe - daily monitoring is essential in ensuring a portfolio is managed and adjusted efficiently in line with target exposures, while simultaneously minimising cost and risk. We believe it is at the centre of all investment activity. So, the Portfolio Management Team allocates investments in line with strategic asset allocation strategy and carrying out daily portfolio monitoring plus ensure all ongoing portfolio changes are efficiently implemented.


    Manager Oversight

    We embed experts at every stage of the investment process. Our oversight team complements the skills of our asset managers, providing them with direction and insight into chosen underlying assets. This includes a robust selection & oversight process, a key source of market views from underlying managers, an ability to seed/ implement new investment strategies that can enhance returns.


    Risk Management

    This activity involves a lot of technical analysis and data studying. Being integrated at all stages of the investment process it has three levels of defence model, which include credit risk, market risk, currency risk, liquidity risk, investment risk, regulatory risk and performance risk. All the portfolios formally get stress-tested each quarter.

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