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With a reputation for managing the financial needs of exceptional people, GPI's unique approach to wealth management centres on pertinent and bespoke advice, driven by intelligent and trusted relationships. Our knowledge & experience at your service.

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Our core values and promises

Putting people first

Before we make any suggestions towards a solution for an individuals circumstances, we consider what benefits it will provide to that person. We have often witnessed how wrong suggestions may dramatically affect people’s lives. Delivering to our clients a robust service which brings them the financial security and success they desire is central to GPI’s DNA. Our philosophy is to treat people in the same way we would like them to treat us.

Pursuit of excellence

Excellence doesn’t mean being perfect; it means using our abilities and opportunities to their fullest. A focus on excellence means we take time, work hard and think carefully about every project or activity. Excellence lets us take pride in our accomplishments. We are guided by a vision or an idea, and we do our best to make it a reality.

We embrace changes

Innovation has always been a part of the GPI ethos. Our team helps to shape the modern financial industry. We are driven to continually challenge the status quo and anticipate our customers’ changing needs with new ideas, new global oportunities and new expectations.

Working with integrity

We adhere to uncompromising ethical and legal standards. This extends to our day-to-day business conduct, employee policies and commitment to social responsibility.

We listen

Actually, we learn to listen. There is a stereotype in the sales industry that a successful businessman speaks a lot. GPI strongly disagree with this as we believe that good healthy business relations can be built, when we listen to the people we meet. There is a reason why we have two ears and onе mouth.

Why us

At GPI International, we take a new world approach to financial planning which means that we offer our clients independent whole of market advice with unrestricted choice while delivering intelligent solutions with the highest standards and ethics throughout all aspects of our business.

Four decades of expertise help us create and deliver financial solutions that are simple, effective, and bespoke. With an individual approach and a history of long working relationships with people of all ages from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, we offer a sophisticated solution to each client, which is tailored to their needs.

We are committed to quality and delivering exceptional client outcomes, and GPI has nursed clients through four major financial crises in the last three decades.
We are proud that many of our new clients have been introduced to our services by recommendation from existing clients and intermediaries. We believe that professional excellence stems from our solid corporate culture and the right combination of industry experience and professional qualifications.

Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial prosperity and well-being.


Our investment philosophy

Over the years, we’ve found that investors consistently struggle to receive the investment returns they should. We have built a dedicated team of specialists to find out why and to find out what we could do to improve our clients’ investment decision-making and returns. Our unique investment philosophy approach is the result of this research.

How is our approach different

We are often not aware of it, but our emotions – rather than practical reasoning – are the biggest driver of our investment decisions. The tradition of creating an investment portfolio focuses almost entirely on an investor’s attitude to risk and ignores the emotional factors at work. Our investment philosophy approach measures several aspects of an investor’s personality that relate to their financial behaviour and decision-making. We believe this enables us to develop more effective individual investment solutions that reduce the negative impact on returns caused by investor emotions.

Understanding your wealth position

We start by using our expertise across our whole business to look at every aspect of your wealth. This allows us to see if you are over-exposed to risk or missing out on opportunities for better returns. It also helps us to provide the right level of support and services.

Your Financial Personality Assessment

Once we’ve completed your wealth review, you’ll be invited to take our Financial Personality Assessment. This unique tool measures six key personality attributes in a robust, objective and scientific manner. The results help us understand how you think and feel about wealth and investments, and what influences your decision-making.

Creating your individual portfolio

We use the information from your wealth review and Financial Personality Assessment to create an individual investment portfolio that matches your situation, objectives and personality. We will continually monitor and manage your portfolio and adapt it to new opportunities as they arise or when markets change.

Our history


Our story began in September 1990 when a young Liverpoodlian called George Petch set up a financial consultancy company in the heart of the European community – Brussels, Belgium, with the aim of building long-term relationships and providing holistic advice to fit in with people’s busy lifestyles and changing circumstances.
Prior to this, for many years, George had been working within the Life Assurance industry in the UK and became dissatisfied with the levels of service clients received as well as being totally disenchanted with the constant broken promised expectations.
This established the foundation upon which GPI would be built – delivering on promises and diligent client service.
GPI consolidated its position in Brussels and gradually expanded its operation to neighbouring countries.

First international experience

On 15th July 2004 the Moscow office was established in Smolensky Passage, Moscow, Russia.
A Personal Wealth Management services for Russia in 2004 was an exotic prospect. With an abundance of local banks offering low-level expertise and non-existent client protection, it seemed that the new market had great potential, especially given the fact that the growing Russian middle class was getting more demanding in terms of financial solutions and products.
So, using the years of experience and access to first-class highly regulated financial products, the GPI presence grew rapidly.
From Moscow office company was operating within the entire Russian market, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Success in the profession, the launch of Asset Management

On 20th February 2009, the internal GPI investment team formed a new asset management company called Mithril Asset Management.
The rapid growth of the company’s assets under management paved the way for GPI to consider the formation of an independent asset management team, whose role would be to bring active day-to-day management.
Right from the outset, Mithril’s attitude was based on understanding that every investor should be treated individually as no two scenarios are the same. Mithril’s independence allows them to choose most asset classes from practically the entire investment universe, from stocks or bonds to ETFs or structured notes.
They have grown into a global asset management company with a worldwide presence, long history, and great strength and depth with a team that includes investment professionals with expertise in capital market research, investment strategy design, liability management, derivatives, and portfolio management.
At Mithril, they pride themselves on offering truly bespoke asset management services.

Aggravation of the sanction crisis in Russia in 2014

After several years of restrictions and dealing with the debt crisis, the Russian market was becoming continually more difficult and it became clear that keeping savings in rubles was extremely dangerous; for the majority of Russians it was too late as in a matter of 6 months the ruble declined in value by 100% to all major currencies. In addition to that, the majority of expatriates were leaving the country together with their companies closing business in Russia.
Whilst the deficit of financial advice was frightening, most locals were not ready for long-term investment planning, with the culture of spending «here and now» plus the lack of trust in financial institutions, it all made the work hard and exhausting.
It was time to rethink the viability of the Russian GPI operation. During the next years, the global market conditions were studied, the latest legislations were investigated and future business model was reconsidered.
These conditions perfectly pushed forward the right decision to produce a further evolution of the company — a clear division of European and International business.

Expansion of the company, creation of GPI Europe

Therefore, it was decided to develop the European company, which will meet all the recent EU requirements.
GPI Europe began its operations on the 1st of January 2018 to answer the investment needs of people living within the European Community and so the head office of the International company was moved to Zurich, Switzerland and the European office was opened in Bratislava, Slovakia. Utilizing the experience of the international company, GPI Europe’s objective is to satisfy the aims and goals of its investors. The company is delighted to provide a comprehensive range of services to clients and their families.

Formation of a united team, new partnership policy

In 2019, a new stage in the development of the company’s partner network began. One of the main problems of solo financial consultants is that one person cannot know everything and cannot be a professional in all areas. The solution to that was a formation of a team of highly specialised professionals, where, on the one hand, each client has its own independent financial consultant, on another, experts in different areas can be involved in solving the client’s problems: from capital structuring to individual investment instruments.
That year was marked by a qualitative expansion of the product line. After analysing the proposals of available financial institutions, it was decided to use the only ones which will fill in the criteria of «price» and «quality».
From the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, the internal education program was launched for people either new to this career or for additional professional education. A separate department for client support and capital structuring appeared, the team was joined by professionals from several countries, it exceeds 20 people and continues to grow.

Evolution towards new technologies and reality

The Covid-19 crisis forced the GPI group, like many other companies, to review the existing business model, in order to deal with a new reality (global lockdown).
The company structured its services for a new, online, format of working with clients. This was done in order to be able to make the most efficient use of the market opportunities available for remote opening and maintenance of investment accounts, as well as to provide the best service for the growing flow of clients from different European member states and other countries.
New standards allowed for more efficient use of time and kept the same high quality of the services, regardless of where the client resided. As a result, the 2020 quarantine measures did not affect the company’s development dynamics and brought a great investment return to the clients.
Remote working has now become a strong factor and will influence the ability for future business relations.

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